Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grandpa's Gone Gaga for Grandson (we all have :))

Look at this little guy, wearing Grandpa's glasses!! He is sooo...... Cute! I'm a little bit biased,
Grandpa goes crazy over him. He will call up Debra Jo & Mitch & say where is Tyson? I haven't seen him all day. Bring him over! We love to hear all the funny sounds he makes for different things. - We are just waiting for Mike & Erin to get him a cousin to play with - That is NOT an annoucement! They just got a dog - that's their Baby for now. We just like to give them a hard time. :)


lindsay said...

I tell everyone Tyson is my adopted son. I love him like he's my own!! Crazy to feel that way, but I think it's because I'm so close to Debra Jo. Can't wait to have kids of my own :) I'll get married first, of course!

Hey, Mike and Erin are youngins. They've got plenty of time :)

PS Are Joe's glasses really that big?! Ha ha!

Eric and Addie said...

what a handsome little man or shoule I say Grandpa?

Aunt Tiff said...

He is such a cute little guy...you guys have such a GREAT family!! Sure do love you guys!